Questionnaires that return personalized advice

Survey Anyplace helps you create surveys, quizzes, and assessments that return personalized advice in the final screen, through email, or in a branded PDF report.


Try out these examples

Energy Efficiency Assessment

Calculate custom values to provide a personalized final screen along with a downloadable PDF report.


Discover what your leads need and use that information for subsequent targeting.

Management Self-Assessment

Measure your employees' capabilities and provide feedback on how to improve.

Online Presence Maturity Assessment

Find out the maturity level of your prospects and provide them with targeted recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Create happier customers by sending a personalized email with a coupon after they've taken your survey.


Track multiple quizzes and surveys over time, and view individual respondents' progress and scores.

Surveys that return value through personalization

3 Steps

 to create value for your



Ask relevant questions only, and ask them in a way that your respondents already learn something while answering.


Combine their answers with your expertise to derive a useful result for your respondents: a score, category, maturity level, personality type,...


Use the questionnaire result to return personalized advice to your respondents, through e-mail or via an auto-generated PDF report.

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