Frequently Asked Questions

Survey Anyplace is an easy-to-use tool to create powerful and visually engaging surveys and quizzes for mobile devices. It is the only survey and quiz tool purpose-built for mobile, to gather in-the-moment feedback on tablets and smartphones. It is designed to take advantage of smaller screen sizes, advanced user interfaces, and multimedia capabilities like images, audio and video. The result is the ability to quickly create appealing apps that are easy and enjoyable for respondents to take. Survey Anyplace allows you to engage and understand your audience – anytime, anyplace – and quickly act on the results. All at a very low cost.

Primarily collecting customer, member or consumer feedback. Typically, the most valuable responses and highest response rates occur when you can engage people in a short survey during or immediately after an experience with your product or service. Survey Anyplace is designed to do just that.

Survey Anyplace also serves as a way to reach prospective customers, as a market research tool and as a powerful aid for education and training. You can learn more about best practices in the use of mobile technology in our Case study section and in our blog.

No. The kind of flexible, powerful solution we want to deliver isn’t possible to achieve with a downloaded app. Our solution is “app-less” in that sense. Instead we use HTML5 technology to distribute Survey Anyplace through surveyanyplace.com. Because we do, we can provide you with the ability to easily create your survey or quiz on our site, quickly distribute them to any mobile device, and easily retrieve your results.

We feel that Survey Anyplace – and any other app – should run on all devices and adapt to each device’s specific capabilities. Survey Anyplace supports:

  • Apple iOS and Google Android (> v2.3) mobile devices.
  • PC and laptop browsers with Chrome or Safari for optimal user experience.
  • All other mobile devices can run on a basic version of the tool that offers all features except video and audio.

Yes. You can distribute your survey or quiz by simply publishing a hyperlink and/or a QR Code. There is no limit to the number of devices that can respond to the survey or quiz. The number of responses depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. With plans that offer anywhere from 20 to 400 to 2000 or more, there is a plan for every program.

Absolutely. The Survey Anyplace mobile app is based on HTML5, a technology used by companies such as the Financial Times for their mobile applications. Because HTML5 apps have access to less device resources compared to native apps (native apps are the apps you find in the App Store), they can’t retrieve your device’s contacts info or GPS location, whereas native apps can. The local information stored by the Survey Anyplace mobile app only resides in the browser’s cache – so if you empty the browser’s cache, all local information related to the Survey Anyplace app is cleared from your device.

Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and located in Dublin, Ireland. For more information about AWS Information Security Policies, refer to following document: https://d0.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/aws-security-whitepaper.pdf

Native apps are written to a specific mobile device operating system like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. Those apps are then distributed via their respective app stores. An HTML5 app, or “web app” is essentially a website containing advanced technologies to make it feel like an ‘app’. Primarily distributed through an application vendor’s website, HTML5 apps are easier to maintain because there’s only one version for all platforms. In the context of mobile surveys and mobile feedback, we consider it an advantage to avoid using app stores and save respondents the hassle of downloading which would impact response rates.