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cross device features overview

Quality Question Types & Features

Choose from a wide range of tried and true question types to get the feedback you need. Use building blocks like Image Choice, different Smiley Ratings, Media Files or Question Logic to build truly engaging experiences.

Illustrious Incentive Widgets

Take incentivizing to another level with a digital Scratch Card or Slot Machine. Your golden ticket to getting leads, higher response rates, and a memorable experience for your respondents.

Quirky Quiz Capabilities

Quickly gauge your audience’s knowledge with an interactive quiz. Create Question Pools, set up a Quiz Timer and score some points yourself with the Animated Gauge to indicate a Final Score.

Adventurous Assessment Components

The crème de la crème of a personalized experience… Create it with assessment-features such as Variable Scores per answer, personalized Outcomes and an Animated Gauge to indicate results. Try out our new Formulas features, which allows you to do calculations within the questionnaire to give your respondents even more insightful feedback.

Delightful Design Features

Your brand as the centerpiece of your questionnaires. Think “bells and whistles”, now add a ton of glitter! Automagic Color Selection, responsive design and loads of templates will make you a gorgeous survey in a matter of seconds.

Refined Reporting

For the love of data! Take your reporting to the next level with all possible Data Filters you could ever need, Share Reports publicly or privately, set up Real-time Presentations and effortlessly export to PDF or Excel

Serious Set-Up Functionalities

Build, sculpt and craft your questionnaires to take on every kind of situation. Awesome features like Offline Mode, Multiple Languages or Save and Continue will make your data collection feel like a dream.

Engaging Email Options

Deliver questionnaires directly into the right mailbox. Share your masterpiece with Email Invitations, stay in touch through Variable Confirmation Emails and keep your communication in order with Respondent Grouping.

Intelligent Integrations

Connect all your apps! Automatically transfer data to 1000+ apps via Zapier, allow respondents to share personalized Outcomes on Facebook and make your entire questionnaire shareable via AddThis.
Learn more about integrations.

Multi-User Management & Collaboration

Big functionalities, for big teams and projects! Keep all eyes on your own brand with a White Label edition of Survey Anyplace. Smooth sailing guaranteed with functionalities such as User Management and Multiple Administrators.

Captivating Campaigns

Captivate your respondents’ attention, hold it AND put it to good use. Campaigns will do that for you! Set up an interactive flow of questionnaires with Campaign Management, keep respondents in orderly groups and conveniently provide a Single URL per person.

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