Let respondents download a personalized pdf report directly after taking your questionnaire

ReportR pdf report example
ReportR pdf report example

Let respondents download a personalized pdf report directly after taking your questionnaire

Use just one tool for your assessment and downloadable PDF
No need for complex set-up procedures

With ReportR you create one-to-one marketing experiences in the truest sense:
You, as a brand, speaking directly to each customer individually.

From assessment to PDF with a single tool

No complicated setup with multiple tools. ReportR is the only software around where you can create interactive questionnaires that also generate personalized reports for each respondent.

Generate reports with flexible content

No rigid PDF templates that cramp your style. Alternate between solid text, graphs, variable blocks of text, images and calculations, based on the way the respondent answered your questionnaire.

Instantly available PDF reports

No need to ask for email addresses that scare respondents away. Allow people to download their personalized PDF right after taking the assessment. With a single download button at the end.

Build content for multiple purposes

No tool with just one goal in mind. Start from your existing content and repurpose, using features that suit you best. Build a maturity or personality assessment, self-assessment, lead generation quiz, price proposal calculator, …

A custom-feel at a fraction of the cost

No expensive and time-consuming development process. Effortlessly integrate your branding, tone of voice and question logic in an easy-to-use tool with an end result that looks like it was custom-built.

Time to get started!
By 2020, 51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make personalized suggestions before they make personal contact.

Why assessments with personalized PDF reports are a winning combination

You want to make sure that your audience instantly sees the value you can offer.
Without having to build complex funnels, but with the ease of an all-in-one tool.

Try this example:

Assessments allow you to create personalized content

  • Show only those questions that are most relevant for your respondent with easy-to-implement logic rules.
  • Show different outcomes as a preview, followed with a detailed PDF report.
  • By answering a simple set of questions, respondents get tailor-made insights and recommendations for their specific profile.

Provide deeper insights with an individual report

  • Such a report will reaffirm the outcome of the assessment and allows room for deeper insights and additional advice.
  • Personalized PDFs filter out unnecessary information and focus solely on the needs of each individual respondent.
  • The PDF download can contain any information from personal advice to a set of recommendations, visuals or a list of suitable products and services.

Table Comparison

Product Survey Anyplace SurveyMonkey Typeform Qualtrics
Best for Marketing, HR Market research Freelancers, NGOs, Bloggers Market research
Answer-based PDF Report Generation
Offline Functionality Only on separate app Only on separate app
Additional Services/Consulting
Multiple Outcomes/Complex Scoring
Custom CSS
Payment Collection
White Labeling: Editor AND Mobile App
Remove Original Branding
Starting Price/Month (Billed Annually) 33$ 35$ 30$ 1,500$

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